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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 7am  FOX  September 3, 2015 7:00am-9:01am PDT

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good morning. a warning going out to students at napa valley college after a woman is sexually assaulted inside a campus bathroom. we will tell you what students are being urged to do. and we are following developing news from north carolina. one marine was killed, 11 others are hurt. the training exercise that ended in tragedy. mornings on 2 continues. 7:00 on this thursday morning. good morning. i am gasia mikaelian. >> i am dave clark. steve is ready to tell you about some interesting weather. >> that old phrase, that didn't take long. from hot the and humid to lows. saturday it was hot and humid. things have really turned her. systems out of the pacific
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northwest. hayward, what a concept. high clouds around. mainly, it's the cooler air mass in place. apache low clouds. one more piece of the pie or energy has to rotate in, that will be on friday. from melissa bradley in mendocino valley, 44. east hills 45. cobb mountain 48. scott valley, 49. there are many upper 40s or low 50s, including 46 at the santa rosa-kenwood border. 50s, 60s. a breeze holds a few of these up. it's been decent for some. westerly or west-southwest component. gusts of 20 for some. 22 at sfo. hayward west. system to the north doesn't have much. had this will usher in partly cloudy skies and a continuation of this pattern. maybe some rain up in northern california and just north of tahoe friday afternoon. so more on that tomorrow. low clouds and cooler and breezy. upper 70s for many. 60s, 70s by the water.
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all right, sal, 7:01. what do you have for us here? >> we have a lot of slow traffic, steve. today is a busy day. thursday. the day before the labor day holiday. people be will going in and trying to get out. there is a 49ers game. there is a bart closure coming up. we are coming up to the traffic super bowl, okay? i am exaggerating. is going to be tough. this is the bay bridge toll plaza. 25 to 35 before you make it on to the bridge. getting out of the city is going to be extra rough as a lot of people are trying to get out of the city and the bay area for the labor day holiday. some people take four-day holidays, i have been sold. told. slow on the way could concord. the highway 24 westbound 580 slow through livermore because of earlier accidents. 880 backed up from 238.
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crash 7880 southbound at 92. the gasoline situation on the san mateo bridge turned out to be nothing major. it was an oil slick, gas and oil on the west side of the bridge making for slippery conditions. in the south bay the traffic is not bad. 280 through downtown you can see that that traffic looks okay. 7:03. back to the desk. >> sal, thank you. a warning now for students and faculty at a college in napa. a woman says she was sexually assaulted at a campus bathroom this week. alex savidge live with how the school is responding. >> reporter: gasia, good morning to you. students here are being warned to stick close to one another, walk together in groups if at all possible and be ware of their surroundings. that's because you can see the warning has gone out. flyers like this one have been posted all over the campus letting everybody know about this attack. it happened monday afternoon before 2 in the afternoon. right in the middle of the
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school day. the victim a student. she went into the women's restroom in the 1800 building and a man sexually assaulted her and ran off. the college immediately sent out an alert to students and e- mails and staff members got that as well to let everybody know about what took place. according to one report, napa valley college police have transferred this assault investigation to the napa police department. they are investigating here. we are hoping to speak with someone from napa police later this morning. now, investigators described the attacker as a white man about six feet tall with short wavy brown hair and light or blue colored eyes. investigators are hoping, obviously, they can get more witnesses to come forward to hopefully identify the attacker in this case. and obviously bring him into custody, gasia. in the meantime here, you can imagine students will be on alert to say the least. >> absolutely. walking in pairs. calling an escort at night if they need one, et cetera. thank you so much. monitoring a developing
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story about a military helicopter going down in camp lejeune, north carolina. the military announced one marine died and nine were hour. officials say one person was killed and 11 marines were injured. two are in stable condition. the rest were treated and released from the hospital. the helicopter was taking part in a training exercise. the incident is being investigated. time now 7:05. the man charged in the shooting death of kate steinle will be back in court as his preliminary hearing conditions. the lawyer for francisco lopez sanchez says the shooting was an accident. last week a police inspector testified the bullet that killed kate steinle probably ricocheted off a cement pier before hitting her. lopez-sanchez says he found that gun under a bench over francisco's pier 14 and it accidentally fired when he
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picked it up. the judge is deciding whether there is enough evidence for lopez-sanchez to be tried for murder. well, there is a new wildfire in lake county. this one has burned 450 acres on state and federal lands and it's only 20% contained. they are calling it the elk pire. it's burning off of elk mountain road north of upper lake and highways 20 and 29. two big wildfires recently burned on the southeast side of the lake. now, the wildfire broke out yesterday afternoon and some evacuations were ordered. that order has since been lifted. crews from cal fire, the u.s. forest service, and lake county fire crews, they are out there battling the blaze. as of right now, we still don't know how the fire started. this is going to be a very busy day on freeways and public transit heading through or through santa clara county because the 9ers are hosted their first week night game not
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on holiday. janine de la vega is live in santa clara. >> reporter: police know about this, of course, and you can see all of these orange cones that are stacked up here in front of levi stadium. they are going to be put to use later today. the name against the san diego chargers starts at 7 p.m. but they are opening up the parking lots at three so that they hope fans take advantage of that and they come early is so they don't clash with commuters. the 49ers played a week night game last year on thanksgiving. that wasn't really a true test. but stadium officials say now that they have one season under their belt, including concerts and other events, it helped them plan better. having the game at 7 instead of 5 p.m. they encourage people to buy a parking pass before the game and offering a $10 discount. the vta is adding trains for the peak afternoon commute to help.
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they want people to buy round-trip fares ahead of time. >> we have ten extra trains going directly to the stadium. those will carry about 450 fans each. 450 riders each. and then after the game we have a target of trying to get people out of the stadium area within an hour. so we have trains waiting and ready to pick people up and go every five minutes to get people out of the stadium. >> reporter: levi stadium has added exits to the parking lot on great america parkway. police will have the north and southbound lanes of great america parkway go the same direction so they can all be used as exit lanes. 49ers officials told us that during the first preseason game they were able to empty the parking lot in 45 minutes. now, if you are not going to the game, try to avoid 101 and 237. and something else i want to mention. besides this game against the chargers happening tonight at 7, there is also a football game
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at san jose state tonight at spartan stadium. but when i spoke to chp, they didn't feel that that at all was going to be an impact because it's mostly students and people around the area going who would use 87. so again most of the traffic is going to be 101, 237. >> janine de la vega, thank you. the oakland raiders last preseason game is tonight in seattle. they dropped their last two games after beating the rams to kickoff the preseason. this is the tenth straight year the raiders end the season by playing the seahawks. kick off at 7:00. watch the game on ktvu channel 2. they open their regular season next sunday, the 13th, against the cincinnati bengals. well, plan to keep the raiders and oakland may have hit a big flaw. the bay area news group is reporting the plan drawn up by a san diego developer violates conditions set by the raiders last april. now, the developers suggest a
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funding shortfall could be covered using revenue from non-game events and also stadium naming rights. however, the team has stipulated it would keep all revenue generated. the developer's plan cuts into parking spaces that the team wants for tailgating. both of those issues could be deal breakers. time now 7:10. we have been talking about the closure of the transbay 2. but that's not the only big construction project happening this labor day weekend. in 20 minutes we will tell you about or closures that could cause a real traffic mess. also, we are live as we speak a few feet away from me. sitting down with oakland mayor libby schaaf and the head of president obama's 21st century policing task force. we will talk to them about a program to improve police relations with the community. highway 24 is going to be a little bit slow as you drive to the tunnel.
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it's a little bit slow in lafayette. walnut creek to oakland below the limit. we will tell you more about the east bay commute. ♪ hey! let me help with that. oh, thank you! ♪
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welcome back. 7:13. the city of oakland is looking to a presidental task force as it works to evolve its policing practices and its relationship with the community. this morning the mayor libby schaaf and the head of president obama's task force on 21st century policing ron davis join us to talk about exactly what that 21st century policing means. welcome to you both. to start with, this task force was started after the police shooting in ferguson. tell me how the national relationship between police and the public has changed since the shooting death of michael brown. >> good morning and thank you for having me on the show. over the last 20 or 30 years policing has really advanced a
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lot, but clearly the tension that came out of the ferguson shooting and many other tragedies around the country really revealed how a lot of the tension was simmering at the surface level. so i think we are recognizing right now we still have a lot of tension. there is a lot of generational mistrust. there is a need to improve the relationship between police and communities. now, this is a general statement and some communities relationships are strong and getting better. we need to weaken this enhanced public safety. at the end of the day we need to engage the community have them have trust and confidence so they are co-producers of public safety. >> what do you think of the relationship in your city between the public and police? >> you know, oakland is part of this really critical national conversation. so clearly we have been impacted by it. let's be honest. there are some real harms that have happened in the city of oakland. it's going to take us a long time to rebuild that trust. but we have made some
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incredible progress, particularly under the new police chief, sean wenthe. a reduction in use of force of more than 70%. we have-implemented many new trainings, changes to our chase policies, procedural justice training, body cameras. >> body cameras. >> right. which are included in this report. oakland certainly is a leader in the body camera situation. in fact, opd took the unprecedented step last week of releasing some body camera video to reporters in the wake of a police shooting in this city. let's talk about some of the other six pillars that are included in your task force. they are building trust andy jetmacy, policy and oversight, technology and social media, community policing and crime reduction, training and education, as well as officer wellness and safety. if we look at what's happening here in oakland, i know for boat of you, you having been a police officer here and mayor schaaf, having grown up and leading the city, the president said if anyone in america feels they
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are not being responded to by police and if they feel they, themselves, mistrust the police, that's a problem for all of us. that's a trend we are seeing nationwide that really is reflected here in oakland? >> absolutely. and we believe that we can rebuild that trust utilizing modern tools and practices of policing, but also become safer. reduce crime. i am very committed to doing all of that as is our chief. >> both of you know, having been here in the city of oakland for so long, a lot of people get very frustrated when we see peaceful protests turn into riots as we had during the occupy oakland movement, as we had during the black lives matter protests. in the spring, we saw an auto dealership on broadway just ruined by rioters. some of those shop keepers, and even residents, really called out opd and even you personally, mayor schaaf, saying why can't you prevent this? why does this keep happening? >> well, those are a symptom of the level of unrest. but it's also an opportunity
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for us to demonstrate, and i think that we have shown that we've gotten much more effective at managing these types of situations to ensure that people do have the right to protest, to voice their passions. oakland is a progressive, activist city. we are proud of that. >> also be respectful of people and property. and opd has done a lot of training on this and has gotten much more effective over time. >> mayor schaaf -- >> i want to add something. when we had this discussion with the traffic force we asked the chief to testify at the hearings about the issue of demonstrations because i think it's fair it say we are probably entering a new civil rights movement in the country. a lot of people are looking for changes and reform in the overall system. the challenge for 21st century is we have to be able to protect the protesters, the community and officers. violence should not be
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accepted. the destruction of property is not accepted. we have to find a way, through tactics and strategies, to strategically remove harm. it puts everybody at risk while making sure that the community and businesses can thrive and people live in peace. we are releasing a report this morning within the next hour of the ferguson demonstrations and how what went well, what did not work, so we can learn from the lessons. we have 100 lessons that can help the field better engage at people. that includes the officers and people working there. >> ron davis, i see you holding that 106-page report that your task force put out. if you haven't read it but you have a vested interest in the issue, there is a way to speak out tonight. there is a panel discussion happening on 21st century policing at the asian cultural center. it runs from 6:30 to 8:30 this evening. as both of you know, oaklanders are fiercely proud of their
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city and they definitely are hopeful for change. ron davis, welcome back to oakland. >> thank you. >> enjoy it while you are here before you head back to washington. mayor schaaf, thank you as well. >> thank you all. time is 7:18. let get you out the door. check traffic. sal, how is it looking? >> looks okay. as a matter of fact, we are looking at the commute here and you can see the traffic is going to be not affected by major accidents, but a lot of slow traffic. in fact, i got a tweet saying, why is it so slow out there? it the thursday before labor day. people getting into the office early. they want to their office early. they want leave the bay area. this is one of the busiest traffic days of the year, and it is staying true to form. 30 to 35 minutes at the bay bridge toll plaza. also, looking at the commute here on the san mateo bridge we had some earlier problems on that span. those have been cleared but traffic slow all the way across. this weekend there is not going to be any transbay bart service. these bridges will be taking a
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lot of extra traffic. put that in then back of your mind. southbound 880 very slow from 238. stays that way all the way down the fremont and watch for slow traffic as well. there are no major problems coming on the dumbarton bridge, but it's slow. steve. >> sal, i am looking at the wires and it's just breaking news. tom brady has beat that four-game suspension by the nfl according to a judge. we will have more on it. i know you are a big sports fan. >> did they reduce it to two? >> no, they threw it out. we will have that coming up. >> thank you, sal. we do have a rather cool pattern. i have to be honest. i love this. something other than fog to talk about. some patchy low clouds. it's september. let's start seeing some more fall-like conditions and maybe get some rain in here. nothingette why. northern california has had
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rain. they might have more friday. 49 santa rosa. 60 san rafael, san jose more 50s there. there were some 40s this morning, a bunch in the north bay. west at 12. west at 9. southwest, it's westerly, even sfo, best breeze i have seen at sfo for a long time. west at 22. west at hayward. there is a westerly breeze. the system to the north was kind of a dry system. that ushered in cooler air. could give some rain northern california, extreme northern and maybe the highest peaks of the sierra nevada. >> hawaiian islands okay. ig nashio at 75 miles an hour. i had a question. felicia gonzalez says when the hurricanes miss hawaii, where do they go? >> north. colder water. they fall apart. they become post-tropical. but times some of that moisture
7:22 am
can stream towards us. right now we are keeping an eye on cool lows. 60s, 70s or very low 80s. i think tomorrow all 70s for the inland areas. just it's going to be pretty chilly here. and if you have travel plans up to the sierra or shasta, keep an eye on the sky and bundle up a bit. it's going to be cool. cool here saturday morning but then warmer sunday, monday. >> thank you. time now 7:22. new state-of-the-art technology being tested out right here in the bay area. coming up in ten minutes how it's all designed to help improve your commute. >> we will take it. and america asked for it. breakfast all day long. coming to mcdonald's, but could to make our nation's egg shortage worse? we will tell you coming up.
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breaking news that sal told us about here. a new york judge has lifted the suspension against new england patriots quarterback tom brady. they claimed he had conspired with two ball boys to obstruct the league investigation. a new york judge, however, ruled that the league went too far in its punishment against brady. this decision now frees that super bowl winning quarterback and san mateo native to play in the patriots' first game of the regular season next thursday
7:26 am
night against the pittsburg steelers. 7:25. this is decision day for a county clerk in kentucky who has been refusing to issue marriage licenses to gay couples and defying the u.s. supreme court. that clerk, kim davis, due in court this morning to hear from a federal judge on whether they will be held in contempt of court and possibly be sent to jail or be fined. davis stopped issuing all marriage licenses in june after the high court legalized gay marriage saying she did that so she couldn't be accused of discrimination. however, a federal judge and appeals court-ordered her to perform all of her duties. she refused, saying issuing licenses to gay couples would violate her christian beliefs. >> don't force our county clerks to put their name on a marriage license that violates their conviction. >> she is a public employee. she has to decide to go to jail or get a new job? >> well, miss davis is due to
7:27 am
hear the judge's decision in a half hour. the sierra lamar case is moving forward. latest developments from the courtroom three years after the suspect was arrested. and breaking down gender barriers. up next, the new addition that is coming to one school in san francisco. good morning. we are looking at a commute that's really busy now. one of the busiest traffic days of the year. 24 is slow between walnut creek and oakland. cool this morning. one of the coolest mornings we have had in a long time. we will see if this pattern hold. some fog out there. what about rain as we head into the holiday weekend?
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good morning. taking a live look at traffic in berkeley, you may have noticed some big plaque screens right there on interstate 80. well, today they are going to be turned on and tested out. we will explain what the signs are for and how they are supposed to help ease traffic on a very busy freeway. 7:30. thursday, september 3rd. good morning. i am gasia mikaelian. >> and i am dave clark. let's talk about weather and traffic. steve has a lot to tell you. >> a lot cooler this morning. last week it was 90s and 100s. now 40s for some. i don't want to say many, but there were more than just a couple here, lows in the 40s.
7:31 am
patchy low clouds. overall, mostly sunny today, breezy and highs upper 70s for many that were about 25 degrees warmer this time last week. mendocino county this morning 44. east healdsburg 45. lake county, scots valley, santa cruz mountains 48, and windsor 49. many, many upper 40s. santa rosa, kenwood in there. 50s for others. the breeze holding up a few of these. no doubt about it. west, west, south, west, and even sfo west at 22 last year. see if that holds. still there. west at hayward. west-southwest livermore. a westerly component. mostly sunny we will see some pacs out of that system and a continuation of this pattern into fron. sunday, monday, warming up quick. upper 70s for many. 60s, 70s by the coast and bay. sal, 7:37. what do you have? >> we have slow traffic and a brand-new crash, steve.
7:32 am
we are starting off in the south bay and take a look at 280 northbound out of san jose. you will see the traffic is very slow up to highway 17 and beyond that. as a matter of fact, in the south bay, if we can take a look at the maps here, you can see the traffic is going to be slow not only on 280, which i just showed you, but 85 to 87 and one on 0-1 -- 101 to mountain view. this is a reported crash. paramedics are on the way. it's at marsh row. it's due to an overturned vehicle there. we see one of the lanes is blocked. northbound 101 at marsh road. san mateo and dumbarton bridge traffic heavy and 880 from san leandro to union city. one more thing. we are looking at the bay bridge, which is heavy. paseo padre parkway between thornton avenue and sequoia road closed for the next few hours
7:33 am
for a major injury collision. bay bridge backed up 25 to 30 minutes up to the pay gates. 7:32. let's go -- in fact, caltrans is trying to -- i'm talking too fast here. caltrans is trying new technology to keep traffic flowing a little better on interstate 80. ktvu fox 2's paul chambers is live. >> reporter: good morning, sal. you help people get out the door. once they are out the door, they need help on the roadway. caltrans has these new smart signs. we are here along interstate 80 weak at university exit. it will notify 270,000 motorists who use the i-80 corridor of accidents blocked lanes ahead. the signs are part of caltrans' improvement along interstate 80 between the cal keenis and bay bridges. real time information about traffic conditions. the signs will recommend speed limits when traffic conditions warrant in hopes of lowering
7:34 am
the incidence of accidents. it helps commuters make their own decisions on a safer ride. it includes metering on 44 on-ramps to reduce merging con flicks to help manage traffic on interstate 80. caltrans will be out here later to test the signs. the signs will not go active and go live until later this year. today they are testing them out. of course, there is like an eight-mile stretch between richmond and emeryville before the bay bridge. these signs are needed, especially when you have traffic like this right now. >> good information. thank you. which the way, if -- by the way, if you plan to stay in the bay area for the holiday, there are several events this weekend that could cause a major traffic mess. the biggest is the closure of the transbay tube from saturday to upon. there will be no bart service across the bay, but there will be bus bridges and extra ferries in place. now, fourth and king streets will be shut down tomorrow
7:35 am
through tuesday. it's for the central subway track way project. also a billy joel concert at at&t park saturday night. and muni metro stations will be shut down both saturday and sunday nights for a continuing improvement project. more than three years after his arrest a trial date has finally been set for the man charged with kidnapping and killing sierra lamar. he is due to stand trial for murder beginning april 2 the of next year. legal analysts say one reason for the countless delays inette is a date is that the prosecution is seeking the death penalty. sierra's father says he is relieved the process is finally being made in his daughter's case. >> honestly, the first reaction was shock because i had no expectation. yeah. i didn't think it would be set even any time soon. >> the defense is asking the judge to throw out a grand jury
7:36 am
indictment against garcia- torres claiming the proceeding wasn't fair and evidence that would prove his innocence was not presented. the defense is also asking for a change of venue, because of all the attention this case has received. time is 7:35. a judge is expected to rule in two weeks whether key evidence against the man linked to a kidnapping in vallejo can be used in court. matthew muller was in court yesterday in connection with another case. his argued a cell phone found at that scene shouldn't be allowed. an alameda county sheriff testified he placed a 9-1-1 call from that phone to find out the phone number. he said the situation was urgent because of worries the suspect was nearby and that the area wasn't safe. that cell phone later led investigators to muller and a storage unit where they found evidence they believe was used in the vallejo abduction. muller's lawyers say there should have been a warrant.
7:37 am
7:36. an elementary school is getting rid of gender-specific bathrooms. it's part of a plan to make mira loma elementary the first school in the city to be completely gender-neutral. ktvu fox 2's brian flores. >> reporter: a parent walked by and said are you doing a story about the gender-neutral bathrooms? we are live at mira loma elementary school here? san francisco. the school hopes to make this possible. the gender-neutral bathrooms for the older kids in the years to come. as we go to vera mira loma is making that shift. according to the dis, the kindergarten bathrooms are gender-neutral. this year they will expand to first grade with the eventual
7:38 am
plan to have all the grades involved. the community has been very supportive of this move, especially with families who identify with non-traditional gender roles. there are six to eight students who don't fit the traditional gender norms. the principal said from tom boys to transgender. there are 100 students in missouri walk out of class to show support for a teenager who wants to use the girl's bathroom. again, book out here liven at mira loma school, back in 2013 california law allowed students to use bathrooms consistent with their gender identity. we are talking to the administrators. we talked with one moments ago. he said the message is that we welcome every student here at the san francisco unified school district. you will hear more from the administration as well as parent in our next hour of mornings on
7:39 am
72. for the first time since the organization glad issued its network responsibility ip decks back in 2006, one broadcast network received a great of excellent for the programming about the lbgt community. glad says fox featured the highest percentage of lbgt inclusive original programming hours with 45.4% thanks to shows like empire. this is the last time they will release this report. now they will focus on increasing the diversity of lbgt images on television. a plan by mcdonald's to serve breakfast all day, that's making a lot of customers happy. but it could mean that eggs will cost even more at the grocery store. the demand for egg sandwiches, mcmuffins could make the current shortage of eggs across the country worse than it already is. millions of chickens died or were killed because of bird flu
7:40 am
in the northwest. that has raised egg prices nationwide. in california they are higher. they must meet higher livestock standards. our prices are higher, but it severely limited the number of cases of bird flu here. time is 7:40. tobacco industry got a big break. plus, what cbs has to say about its the decision to stop selling cigarettes. in search after better life. pam cook is back with more on what's being done about europe's migrant crisis and the heartbreaking social media picture of a little boy that captured the world's attention. good morning. we are looking at a morning commute that is going to be busy. highway 4 still very slow over the hill to concord and the entire east bay, really, is very slow. we will tell you more about it coming up. lots of sunshine, but rather deceiving. upper 70s on the high side. some cool lows this morning. we will see if this holds into
7:41 am
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it's a disturbing image that made the its way around the world and driving new interest in a heartbreaking situation. >> it really is. pam cook is back in the studio with a refugee crisis. this is making its way to the shores of europe? >> reporter: yeah, images like this and, sadly enough, it hasn't sparked as much attention as some people would like. just thousands of people fleeing. but the image of one little boy who drowned while trying to escape from syria has captured the attention of many more people. we want to warn you there are more graphic images out there, but the one we're showing you is also very upsetting.
7:44 am
now, this photo shows a turkish police officer carrying the body of a 3-year-old syrian boy who drowned while trying to reach greece. he is one of 12 syrians who drowned and washed up on the beach of a turkish resort town. that has renewed attention to the refugee crisis and calls to create a plan to help them. in hungary, a chaotic situation continues with thousands of refugees camped out at a train station in budapest. all the trains were canceled to keep them from boarding. overnight a train pulled in and people fought to get on board. it turned out that that train only took them to a nearby refugee camp that many of them had just left earlier this week. >> nobody is allowed to board a train and leave the country without documentation. a train ticket would not substitute european regulations. >> there are hundreds of children here. it's a really horrible situation
7:45 am
for these people who have already fled war and conflict. >> reporter: now, today hungary's prime minister is meeting with other european leaders to come up with a unified approach to the refugee crisis. german chancer merkel is calling for quotas to spread out the tens of thousands of refugees among the european unions, 28 countries. we understand that european leaders are scheduled to hold an emergency summit on the crisis in brussels on september 14th. but again there are more shocking images. particularly of the little boy. a lot of news agencies in print are choosing to show some of the more graphic images. they are saying they are going against what they normally would do because it is -- >> how bad it is. >> yes. and it may be sparking change and action. >> it's so interesting how behind you hundreds of people in a desperate situation. one picture of one little
7:46 am
three-year-old boy, which all of us can identify with. >> right. >> and it brought it closer to home for people, i think. >> thank you so much, pam. time now 7:45. this morning police in illinois searching for the killers of a police officer. a woman diverted them away in their manhunt for three people suspected in the killing. authorities say a 30-year-old woman here claims she saw two suspicious men near a cornfield. well, the investigators shifted their search to that area. but the woman later confessed she made up the story. she was only trying to get attention from her employers. that woman has since been charged with disorderly conduct and also falsifying a police report. >> she indicated that she fabricated this story because she was looking for attention from a family that she nannies for. in addition, she was aware that a police officer was killed in this area. >> now, 30-year police veteran
7:47 am
lieutenant charles gliniewicz was shot and killed on tuesday morning. he was pursuing what he called a three suspicious men. a massive search for the men so far has turned up nothing. tesla will start taking orders for the lower cost electric car next march. the starting price is $35,000. that's half the price of the current sed dan. it will start production in two years. he says that deliveries of tesla as suv called the model x starts september 29th. pricing details for the suv are not being released yet. we have got to go to sal. we have breaking news. pacheco two kids involved in a bad crash. what happened? >> that's right. this crash involving a vehicle that hit pedestrians, as many as three were hit. and a couple of them were children, unfortunately. a couple of them were airlifted to a nearby trauma center. 2nd avenue at contra costa boulevard, chp and the fire department on the scene.
7:48 am
again, a vehicle versus pedestrian accident with three people hit by a vehicle. according to chp, two children and an adult. this is an intersection for you to avoid. pacheco is in unincorporated contra costa county. it's somewhat close to the concord airport, if you know the area. stay away from contra costa boulevard. it's already crowded there anyway. so that's what all the stalled traffic is about. let's move it a live picture now, a different part of the commute. very crowded at the bay bridge. today the thursday before labor day is one. busiest traffic days of the year. people going to work early. then they knock off. a lot of people have a four-day weekend and are trying to get out of town on thursday note. then tomorrow the people who don't have a four-day weekend will be trying to get out of town on friday night. put that in the back of your mind. this is 280 in san jose. all of the freeways in san jose are slow. let's go to steve.
7:49 am
>> and the highway 237 commute home might be brutal tonight, sal? >> 49ers game. highway 237 goes right by the stadium. you tell me what it's going to be like. >> i think you know. all right. thank you. we do have a cooler pattern. wow. that really settled in pretty fast and it's going to be this way for the next couple of days. some low clouds around losing their support, though. temperatures inland in the upper 70s. there is not much to support it. some of the lows. leggett, mendocino county, thank you for that. cobb mountain a couple of reports at 48 in lake county. winds are west 49. free stone, bodega highway was the coolest at 47. this is napa valley. chilly here in napa this morning. had to find a jacket for my morning walk. and shannon this pleasant son, oh my gosh, it was cool this morning. it starting to warm up.
7:50 am
60s for some. many 40s. santa rosa in the upper 40s. but 50s and 60s. san francisco dipped below 60. hayward. 59 this morning. santa rosa one of the few that will be 80 because of a north breeze. if the north breeze doesn't kick in, upper 70s. there will be a bunch around is santa rosa in the upper 70s. concord, gilmore and livermore were 80s yesterday. due west of travis. usually it's a west-southwest. west at sfo to 22. the system was a dry system. increased the fog a little bit. but the secondary system, that's the one we are keeping our eye on. this will dig in northern california and shasta, bernie basin or north of tahoe or truckee could be close here. i doubt there is much. a possibility of a dusting of snow is there. more colder and windy.
7:51 am
sunday and monday looks much more. tahoe windy today. but it will be cool. sun, clouds, windy. chilly, cold saturday morning. rebounding fast sunday into monday. low clouds, cooler and breezy, patchy low clouds, few high clouds. the cooling inland continues. a few low 80s. soft, as we say. a lot of 70s in between. san rafael el, kendville, sonoma vallejo, in there along with a breeze. upper 70s now for pittsburg, concord, walnut creek, alamo, danville, pleasanton. 70s around the bay. the bay temps are warm because the water temps are warm. 70s for san jose, santa clara valley. sunshine, 70s on the peninsula. looks cool into saturday morning and rebounding fast sunday and monday. >> be ready saturday morning. >> i think there will be a few 30s. >> thank you. 7:51. another incident reporting google's self-driving cars. hear why the company can't
7:52 am
blame the autonomous car. president obama busting a move. up next, the reality show the president made an appearance on during his trip to alaska. hey terry stop! they have a special!
7:53 am
so, what did you guys think of the test drive? i love the jetta. but what about a deal? terry, stop! it's quite alright... you know what? we want to make a deal with you. we're twins, so could you give us two for the price of one? come on, give us a deal. look at how old i am. do you come here often? he works here, terry! you work here, right? yes... ok let's get to the point. we're going to take the deal. the volkswagen model year end sales event ends on labor day. so hurry in to your local volkswagen dealer today.
7:54 am
welcome back to "mornings on 2". bart police expect a man who
7:55 am
she say shot himself tuesday night to be charged with several counts, including attempted murder. it's corey powell of union city. he is in critical condition in the hospital. this started about 8:00 tuesday night. two bart police officers say they saw powell smoking on the platform and told him to stop. then investigators say powell became combative. police say he tried to jump off the bart platform down to the street below. >> the officers ask no the shoot him. they grabbed him. he was screaming and yelling he wanted to kill himself. kill me. the fight became very physical. he started reaching inside of his waistband when they were pulling him off the platform. >> police say powell was on probation for burglary. chris record includes armed robbery and drug and weapons
7:56 am
charges. president obama arrived back at the white house about a half hour ago from his three-day trip to alaska. the president wrapped up his trip by meeting with fishermen and visiting the world's largest salmon fishery. that made him the first president to visit north of the arctic circle. while there president obama said he didn't need to tell the people of alaska about the impacts the of climate change. >> you have longer, more dangerous fire seasons in alaska, permafrost that threatens home and infrastructure, faster glacier melt, rising seas, melting sea ice that contributes to some of the fastest coastal erosion in the world. >> another first. president obama taped an appearance on the tv show running wild with bear grylls, becoming the first president to appear on a reality tv show. and some lighthearted moments. he jumped up to dance with the children, celebrate tearing
7:57 am
culture. the leader of the group told the president the native language is disappearance and president obama urged the youngsters to keep their traditions and pass them on even as they go out into the world. 7:56. still ahead following another wildfire. this one is burning in lake county. hundreds of acres have burned and at one point they were mandatory evacuations. more details coming up. plus, a disturbing crime here at napa valley college. police this morning are searching for a man who they say sexually assaulted a student inside the women's restroom earlier this week. we will tell you how fellow students are responding to this disturbing crime coming up. a lot of slow traffic around the bay area today and a couple of very serious crashes. as we take a live look at the macarthur maze. we will show you how bad it is coming up at the bay bridge. sunny to mostly sunny. the low clouds will burn off. but the cooler weather has arrived and the breeze as well.
7:58 am
we will see how long this pattern is on hold.
7:59 am
8:00 am
expect heavier traffic this afternoon as thousands of football fans head to levi stadiums for the 49ers game. we will tell you about the traffic plan. plus, less than an hour ago we found out quarterback tom brady will be back playing for the new england patriots sooner than expected. a judge ruled this morning he will not have to sit out four games because of the deflategate scandal. we have all the details coming
8:01 am
up. good morning. we will get to the headlines for you in just a couple of minutes. >> we have breaking traffic news. sal, it looks to be a bad crash? >> that's right. i will put it on the map, gasia and dave. this is had contra costa boulevard. it's pacheco. it was a pedestrian accident involving three pedestrians, one adult and two children according to go chp. serious injuries for all and that area is now being cordoned off as an investigation is happening. contra costa parallels 680 there. it's going to be slow. don't try to use contra costa boulevard unless you are kind of far away from 2nd avenue. nearby, 680 is very slow, as it normally is. so highway 242. this entire area is affected by this traffic. tough yourself plenty of time.
8:02 am
all right. let's go to the bay bridge toll plaza which has been very busy. this afternoon we are expecting a lot of slow traffic on the thursday before the labor day holiday. we always usually have slow traffic, and this morning is -- this afternoon is going to be no different. and on 237, you heard us talking about it. gentlemannine is down at levi stadium. it's going to be a tough one on 237. i will let her tell you more about what happens this afternoon. right now on westbound 237 you are going to see slow traffic heading over to sunnyvale. 8:02. let's go to steve. thank you, sir. patchy low crowds. a cooler pattern has settled in. that took five days to happen. last week it was hot, humid. now this system, a dry front came through. that ushered cooler air aloft and has changed things around to patchy low clouds. i don't expect that to last long. santa rosa 49 this morning. i will think we will see that over the next couple of days in
8:03 am
wind protected areas, especially saturday morning. a breeze is in place. not howling for some. hayward west-southwest. sfo gusts 22. warmer temps sunday, monday. patchy low clouds, sunny, breezy, cooler for inland temps. upper 70s. 60s, 70s for others. more information on the developing story. the new england patriots tom brady beats the nfl. the judge ruled the league stepped out of bounds in punishing brady for the deflategate scandal. the four game suspense against the super bowl winning quarterback has been lifted. brady was also accused of obstructing the league's investigation by destroying his
8:04 am
cell phone. the judge criticized roger goodell for dispensing his own brand of industrial justice. neither the nfl nor brady has responded publicly to today's decision. gasia, today the commute in santa clara county may be worse than usual because the 49ers are hosting their first week night game not on a holiday. >> reporter: janine de la vega says civic leaders say they have a plan to keep it moving. i guess we will have to see, right? >> reporter: yeah, gasia. we have already spotted electronic signs on 880 near the 101 connector telling people about the 49ers 'game that's being played tonight here at 7 p.m. police are also advising people to avoid 101 and 237 if you are not going to the game. last season the 49ers did play one preseason game on a week night, but it landed on thanksgiving. so it didn't give us a feel for what the traffic is going to look like.
8:05 am
team officials told us it's very typical for the nfl to schedule a preseason game on a thursday night every couple of years. so it's something they can't avoid. commuters will be sharing the roads with thousands of fans. instead of having the game at 5 p.m., it's pushed to 7 p.m. they are encouraging fans to take public transportation if possible. the vta is running ten extra trains. seven of those will route directly to levi stadium. there will also be express bus service from free mont bart to the stadium. they are confident they worked out the kinks. >> we saw less than 45 minutes to vacate all of our parking lots for the preseason opener against the cowboys. i mean, that's the last car to leave the lot was 45 minutes after the game. that's pretty darn good when you look around the league. >> reporter: levi stadium has added exits to its parking lots on great america parkway and when people leave the game police will have both north and south lanes of grat america
8:06 am
parkway go the same direction to be used as exit lanes. the vta has trains leaving every five minutes to help alleviate congestion. if you are taking caltran, there will be two extra trains running post-game. the big message here, plan ahead, buy your round trip fare for the vta trains ahead of time. if you drive yourself you get a $10 discount for levi stadium prior coming. this is going to happen in a couple of weeks because on monday there is a game on september 14th. that starts a little bit later. that's at 7:20. dave. >> all right. janine de la vega, thank you. the final preseason game is in seattle night. this is the tenth straight year the raiders end the preseason by facing the seahawks. kickoff is 7:00 tonight and the game is right here on ktvu fox 2. they open the regular season next sunday against the
8:07 am
cincinnati bengals. a plan to keep the raiders in oakland may have hit a big flaw. the bay area news group is reporting the plan drawn up by a san diego developer violates conditions set by the raiders last april. the developer suggests a funding shortfall could be covered using revenue from non-game events. but the raiders say they want to keep autopsy the revenue generated by that future stadium. the developers plan also cuts into parking spaces that the raiders want for tailgating. both of those issues may be deal breakers. well, the fire lines are holding so far against a wildfire in lake county. just a short time ago cal fire announced the elk fire has not advanced. this morning it is still at 450 achers. it's about 20% contained. now, it's burning off of elk mountain road north of upper lake and highways 20 and 29. this is what it looked like. it broke out yesterday afternoon and some of the evacuations
8:08 am
were ordered, but that order has since been lifted. crews from cal fire, the forest service, as well as lake county fire crews are out there battling the blaze. as of now we don't he know how the fire started. we are monitoring a developing story this morning about a military helicopter going down at camp lejeune, north carolina. the military announced one marine died and nine others were hurt. now they say one person was killed and 11 marines injured. two are in stable condition. that helicopter was ticking part in a training exercise last night when it made what's described as a hard landing. the incident is being investigated while the name of the marine being killed is being had withheld. the man charged in the shooting death of kate steinle will be in court in san francisco this morning as his preliminary hearing continues. the lawyer for francisco lopez-sanchez says that deadly shooting was an accident. last week a san francisco police inspector testified the bullet
8:09 am
that killed kate steinle probably ricocheted off a cement pier before hitting her. now, lopez-sanchez says he found the gun under a bench on san francisco's pier 14 and that it accidentally went off when he picked it up. the judge is deciding whether there is enough evidence for lopez-sanchez to stand trial on murder charges. time is 8:09. police in napa are searching for the man who sexually assaulted a woman inside a college campus bathroom. alex savidge is live at napa valley college with the notice going giving to everyone at the school this morning. >> reporter: good morning. students here are being warned to stay aware on campus. i talked with a couple of women this morning who said they will not be going to the bathroom alone in light of what happened earlier this week. these are the flyers that have been posted all around campus letting everybody know about this attack. it happened monday afternoon just before 2 in the afternoon. so it was right in the middle of the school day. a lot of people around, as you can imagine.
8:10 am
napa valley college police say the victim, who is a student here, went into the women's restroom in the 1800 building, which is the physical sciences building. that's when a man came up and sexually assaulted her before running off. the college immediately sent out an alert, an e-mail to students and staff at the school letting everybody know what took place. and i talked to morning with one student who told me she always uses that same bathroom where this assault happened. >> it's pretty scary when i got the, like, message. i was going to use the bathroom later that day. but i will definitely be going with a friend. i will be making, like, i'll be aware of my surroundings. i won't be, like, on my cell phone as much. >> reporter: one student who plans to pay more attention certainly. investigators describe the attacker as a white man about six feet tall with short, wavy brown hair and either light or possibly blue colored eyes.
8:11 am
now, according to one report napa valley college police have tranford in sexual assault investigation over to the napa police department and we are reaching out to the napa police department for more information. but as you can well imagine, investigators are always looking for more witnesses. they are hoping more people come forward. again, it was the middle of the school day. you have to imagine a lot of people were around. maybe they saw the person behind this attack and they are hoping anyone who has any information will come forward with it. >> alex, so often we hear of sexual assaults on college campuses being between two people who knew each other and the situation goes wrong in a terrible way. this, though, seems to be a stranger attack on an unsuspecting woman? >> reporter: absolutely. from all the information we have at this point, it sounds as though this young woman, she went to the bathroom, likely, you know, in the middle of classes, in the middle of her school day, and someone approached her that she didn't know inside of that bathroom. obviously, that puts a lot of fear into a lot of students on this campus. >> i bet. their parents as well.
8:12 am
thank you. to the east bay where danville police are crediting the community to help track down the person suspected of vandalize ago veterans memorial. graffiti opposing the government and supporting drug use was scored in june. community groups donated $12,000 for a reward for information. investigators say that reward and publicity from the media and social network sites led them to 18-year-old jared vans. he will be ordered to return to california to face charges. time is 8:12. a $9 billion government payout to tobacco farmers, it has ended. ten years ago the federal government deregulated tobacco farming. cigarette makers had to make annual payments to farmers so the farmers could survive the lower prices. analysts say the parent company of phillip morris will save about $300 million a year now. and because cigarette makers passed the expense on to
8:13 am
consumers, it's expected tobacco companies will have bigger profits. meantime, cvs says the ban on tobacco has affected its sales. a year ago cvs was the first major pharmacy chain to stop selling cigarettes. the average smoker bought five fewer packs of cigarettes. sales of nicotine patches went up 4%. time is 8:13. we are expecting more developments in that bizarre kidnapping case in vallejo. they first called it a hoax. well, what a judge will do soon and why lawyers say some evidence shouldn't be allowed. that's coming up towards 8:30. also, the video streaming service market got more competitive. what hulu just did that may make netflix worry a bit. good morning. we have pedestrians that were hit on the street here in pleasant hill, pacheco area on contra costa area. we willet will you know more
8:14 am
about that straight ahead. mostly sunny. patchy low clouds. the inland temps in the upper 70s. we will see what's in store for the holiday weekend.
8:15 am
8:16 am
sometime 8:16. checking wall street. the dow jones is up by 1%. up 160 plus points already. s&p 500 and nasdaq also on a
8:17 am
similar climb. of course, it is very, very early on in the session. 8:16 this morning. google says that self-driving cars show that computers may be better drivers than humans. >> really? >> google has been testing the self-driving cars and say they have been in 16 crashes. 12 of them rear end crashes. >> however, google blames all those crashes on human drivers. latest accident involved a self-driving lexus getting hit from behind by another car. the google vehicle stopped in front of a pedestrian at a crosswalk in mountain view last month. tesla taking orders for the lower cost electric car next month. the starting price is $35,000. may not be a bargain to you. however, it is half the price of the current model sedan. >> i feel so close to elon musk. he says it will go into production next year. deliveries of tesla's suv starts september 29. we don't know how much it's
8:18 am
going to cost. well, remember us telling you about the amazon dash button? it lets amazon prime members instantly order certain products. you press a button. they have expanded that. >> now all amazon customers can use the buttons. there are things like gum, trash bags, diapers, protein shakes. each button cost $4.99. they reimburse you after the first use. the point of the dash button is so customers don't run out of those products. netflix, we are talking about, you they may have a run for the money. hulu is now offering commercial-free watching. >> but that comes at a cost. people can now watch without those commercial breaks if you pay $11.99 a month. >> hulu is owned by fox, abc and nbc. it offers tv programming as well as some recently released movies after signing a deal with the
8:19 am
premium channel epics. netflix let its deal with epics expire at the end of the month. >> those movies will be available on hulu plus beginning in october. so we know the most popular apps of all time for iphones and ipads. the analystics firm ranked the most popular and profitable apps from users. >> facebook and facebook messenger took the top two spots followed by youtube, instagram, and skype. the weurl's most downloaded game, guess? it's candy crush. >> the app takes the all-time worldwide revenue top spot, be happy about this one, oakland, it's pandora based right here in oakland. app annie says almost all of the revenue came from the united
8:20 am
states. time is 8:19. let's check in with sal. we have major traffic going on, sal? >> we do. this is a crash, dave and gasia, involving pedestrians in contra costa county. somewhat near the concord area, pleasant hill pacheco boulevard and contra costa boulevard. a woman and two children hit by a vehicle on 2nd avenue. and there is an investigation. a couple of those people have been taken away. airlifted to trauma centers. so it's a good area to avoid. we are trying to find out more about this. obviously, really sad situation where three people have been seriously injured by a car and we assume that the children were on their way to school. but we are trying to find that out right now. i do want to move the maps to some other areas because we have slow traffic. just move it to the south bay. on 101 it is solid from the south part of san jose all the way up into palo alto.
8:21 am
280 slow before 680. it's going to be a rough day in the south bay, especially with the 49ers game this evening. let's move to live pictures. bay bridge backed up for a 20 to 25-minute delay getting into san francisco. and if you are driving this morning, want to take another look at 280/880 just to confirm for myself that this traffic is a mess. 8:21. the weather is not bad? the comments coming in on the cool side, sal. a big change here. coast and bay dealing with relatively warmer water. it's the inland temps that take the biggest drops. mostly sunny. patchy low clouds. we have one more system in northern california on friday. so cool lows will be on the old weathermen u here for the next couple of mornings. nice cooling down, is so say
8:22 am
the bears. scratching himself. do these norcal bears hibernate? yes, they do. from up to 90, 100 days. after saturday morning they may be thinking about it a little bit. oops. i didn't save this. this was supposed to be from patrick in redwood shores. but speaking of cool -- very nice. thank you. a chilly morning for many. shannon in pleasanton said the same thing. a lot of 40s this morning to the north. one in the santa cruz mountains at scots valley. but free stone on the bodega highway is 43 this morning. kenwood 46. 50s now, 60s for some. but the inland temps are going to stay on the cool side. there be breezy to blustery, down right windy conditions for some. sfo was up to 22. now down to 14. san francisco buoys come down. 60. bodega debut which 54. northwest breeze. it happens. even monterey down to 61. these are some of the coolest
8:23 am
temps. they will cool down on the washington-oregon coast, too, because that system is dropping out of the north. got to love that. the dry air prior to the front that came in. if you are heading up to the mountains, be advised there could be rain and high elevation snow. shasta, bernie basin. i think even in tahoe. i would not be surprised. if you are heading up there be prepared for changing conditions. sunday, monday look much better. the first dusting of snow above 8,000, i am going to mention it, because i think it could happen. but partly sunny, windy. just be advised it's going to be cooler, much, much cooler. the mountain weather in september changes fast. is sun, clouds, windy, some snow showers possible. saturday morning will be cool, cold up in the mountains. it will be cool here as well. warmer sunday, monday. we will rebound pretty fast. low clouds giving way to sunshine. cooler, breezy, mostly sunny here. but the cooling inland continues. 70s for many. and i think tomorrow 70s for
8:24 am
everybody, even calistoga, clearlake, vacaville. anitoch, brent addwood -- brentwood upper 70s. finally a change in the weather. it's been hot, humid. nice to get something out of the north here. very, very cool saturday morning for us. there will be some 30s in the north bay. a lot of 40s inland then warmer sunday, monday. >> enjoy it while it lasts. >> things are changing. september is here. the change is here. >> all right, steve, thank you. 8:24. the 9ers to the super bowl and won the hearts of so many fans. >> coming up later, when those fans can see jim harbaugh back on the sidelines. also, we are hearing moore speculation about what apple might unveil next wednesday in that special event in san francisco. hear the rumors about maybe changes to the ipad. that's next.
8:25 am
8:26 am
8:27 am
welcome back to "mornings on 2". happening today there will be meetings today about raising the minimum wage across the south bay. san jose mayor sam liccardo and other leaders will be talking about coordinating efforts for a $15 an hour minimum wage. there has already been some informal talk about cities working together to raise a minimum wage in the next three years. those meetings are set for this afternoon in sunny veil, san
8:28 am
jose, and campbell. reinventing the shell in taco bell. take a look at this picture posted by food it's a taco with a fried chicken shell. >> wow. >> yes. they are called the naked crispy chicken taco. they are reportedly being sold outside of bakersfield. if we leave now, dave. >> i am going to try it. >> we will get there for life. >> the naked crispy taco calls $2.99 each or $4.99 as part of a combo. the products apple may reveal next week in san francisco, and they include a new phone, a new apple tv, and now a bigger ipad. nine to five mac reports it will be called the ipad pro. it will be a 12-inch display, a stylus and speakers on two sides. but, of course, you won't find out for sure until next wednesday. the apple event will be at the bill graham auditorium in san
8:29 am
francisco. time is 8:28. it was a picture that captured hearts after america after hurricane katrina. when a rescuer and 3-year-old survivor are going to meet again. if you need help with the commute, caltrans has you covered with these signs that they will test later today. and breaking down gender norms. what an elementary school in san francisco is doing to make sure all students feel comfortable. we are looking at the east bay commute, which has been really slow this morning. traffic on highway 24 is slow. when we come back with more of "mornings on 2", another complete traffic update. sure, tv has evolved over the years.
8:30 am
it's gotten squarer. brighter. bigger. thinner. even curvier. but what's n for all binge watchers. movie geeks. sports freaks. x1 from xfinity will change the way you experience tv. go get help, boy. go get help. go get help! right now! if you're a cat,
8:31 am
you ignore people. it's what you do. if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. it's what you do. go on kitty, kitty... welcome back. let's the get right back to sal. you're following breaking news out there? >> a woman and two children
8:32 am
were airlifted to the hospital after a accident in contra costa county. >> looks like the crew arrived and the scene has been cleared. let i will go back to the area time talking about here. in pacheco, 2nd avenue at contra costa boulevard looks like the investigators have left. so now the scene is clear. but three people were seriously injured. a mother and two childrenit had -- children hit by vehicle on 2nd avenue. the children were flown to a nearby trauma center and the mother also went to the hospital. we are trying to find out more about what happened. but at least the scene has been cleared and the investigation will continue. but the traffic in this area, i to say, is slow on the -- i have to say, is slow already. let's look at these commutes. i went to the south bay. i wanted to go to the middle of the bay. 580 a mess through livermore. 880 is solid no fremont.
8:33 am
moving along to the toll plaza, it is backed up for a 20 to 25-minute delay. today 237 is slow westbound. remember eastbound this afternoon is going to be very slow especiallily due to a 49ers exhibition game going on this afternoon at the levi stadium. so you have to put that in the back of your mind. 8:33. back to the desk. or to steve. >> we have a rebound now on these cool lows for many inland temps. first 40s for a long time. most of the low cloud deck is burning off. patchy low clouds around. it's a cooler pattern for almost everybody. the biggest impact is for independance areas. some of the lows, not current, but leg the 44, scots valley 48, winds are 49, just to name a few. this is paul. he says current conditions in anitoch by dallas ranch middle school 64 degrees. that's not bad. that's not bad at all.
8:34 am
and patrick says steep drop in a.m. lows unusual? 59-61 for months then low 50s next week in redwood shows. coast and bay are influenced by the relatively low ocean and bay temps. the biggest drop, again, will be for those away from the water. still a breeze. nothing crazy. it will pick up i think later son. a secondary system is coming in. it's right there. be friday. that's going to continue the cool pattern. so mostly sunny, cooler and breezy today to windy for some. just patchy low clouds. but the cooling inland continues upper 70s for some. 60s, 70s by the bay. back to the desk now. dave and gasia. >> steve, thank you. time is 8:34. the girls and boys bathrooms at a san francisco elementary school now they are just bathrooms. >> it's one of the steps being taken to mayor mira loma elementary the first school in the city to be completely gender-neutral. brian flores at that school. you have been talking to parents about this, haven't you? >> reporter: i have, gasia and dave. good morning to you. a lot of the parents are very
8:35 am
much in support of the gender-neutral bathrooms. right now they have the gender-neutral bathrooms for the young kids at the elementary school here at mira loma. it's to make it for the older kids in the year to come. as we go to video, this is what they look like. they are typical single stall bathrooms. the school has done away with the gender specific bathrooms for kindergarten and first graders. that means getting rid of the traditional triangle signs for the boys and the circle signs for the girl. one sign now. meremost of the schools ins district have them, but it's the first elementary school to roll out and see how this can be done at all grade levels over time. that means taking a look at the cost of taking the cost of the plumbing. parents we spoke with very supportive of the move, and so were the kids. >> they think it's great. they really do. yeah, because they have friends who weren't sure which bathroom to use at some point in their
8:36 am
lives. now they know. they can use any bathroom. >> mira loma elementary is the first to look at the program where all of the single-stall bathrooms will be made gender-neutral. and then looking at how that would change the other bathrooms over a period of a couple of years. >> reporter: now, according to the chronicle, there are about six to eight kids who don't fit traditional gender norms. the district hopes efforts like this show all kids of any background are welcome in their schools. now, this all stems from a district-wide policy in 2003 that allowed kids to use any bathroom they associated with their gender identity. of course, the state passed a law in 2013 making that law through the entire state. back to you. >> all right. brian flores, thank you. in the meantime, caltrans is trying out some new technology on interstate 80 to keep the traffic out there flowing better. >> let's do it. ktvu fox 2's paul chambers shows us what the new smart signs are going to do. >> reporter: if you're a
8:37 am
commuter you need that extra bit of help, especially on the roadway. caltrans has you covered with these signs on the eight-mile stretch between richmond and emeryville. this sign right hear telling you that university exit on 80 westbound. so the signs will be used to notify caltrans estimated 270,000 motorists who use the i-80 corridor. it explains incidents or blocked lanes ahead. the signs are part of caltrans' improvement along i-80 between the carquinez and bay bridges. it will give real-time information about traffic conditions. they will recommend speed limits when traffic conditions warrant in hopes of lowering the incident of accidents. it helps commuters make their decisions more efficient. it will also include metering along 44 on-ramps to reduce merging conflicts and help manage i-80 along that wave. now, caltrans will be out here later today to test these signs out. the signs will actually go live and active later this year. back to you guys in the studio.
8:38 am
time is 8:37. expect busy airports and jam packed roads as people try to get out of town over the labor day holiday weekend. according to aaa more than 14 million people are expected to fly over the seven days surrounding the holiday. that's a 3% increase from last year. tomorrow is expected to be the busiest day at the airports. a man accused also expects about 75 million people to travel 50 miles from their homes. and if you plan to stay here in the bay area for the long weekend, there will be several big construction projects and events going on and that could create a traffic mess. the most important thing to remember probably the closure of the transbay 2. that goes from saturday to monday. that means there is no bart service across the bay. however, bus bridges and extra ferries will be in place to get you there. fourth and king streets in the city will be shut down tomorrow through tuesday for the central subway track project. there is a bill roy joel
8:39 am
concert at at&t saturday night and muni metro stations will be shut down saturday and sunday. open airports seeing a big jump in air travelers. the airport says passenger traffic is up 8.7% over the past year. that's more than double the national average. airport officials give the credit to a combination of things, including adding flights to new and existing destinations, and also the new bart service to the airport. well, more than three years after he was arrested a trial date has been set for the man charged with kidnapping and killing sierra lamar. garcia torres is due to stand trial for murder april 25th of next year. legal experts say one reason for the many delays in setting that date is that the prosecution wants the death penalty. sierra lamar's father is relieved. >> honestly, the first reaction
8:40 am
was shock because i wasn't even -- i had no expectation. yeah. i didn't think it would be set even any time soon. >> now, the defense wants the judge to throw out a grand jury indictment against garcia-torres. they claim the proceeding was not fair and that evidence that would prove he is innocent was not presented. the defense also wants a change of venue because of all the attention this case has received. the judge is expected to rule in two weeks whether key evidence against a man linked to a kidnapping in vallejo can be used in court. matthew muller was in court yesterday in connection with another case. a home invasion in dublin. his lawyers argued that a cell phone found at that scene linking muller to the vallejo crimes shouldn't be allowed. an alameda county sheriff's sergeant testified he placed a 9-1-1 call from that phone to find out the phone number. he said the situation was urgent because of worries the suspect was nearby, and the area was not safe. the cell phone later led
8:41 am
investigation to muller and a storage unit where they found evidence they believe was used in that vallejo abduction. muller's lawyers say that police should have gotten a warrant to access the phone and all the evidence that came from it should be tossed out. a third arrest in the case of a man killed inside of an office building last month and that crime was partially captured on surveillance video. 42-year-old duane aguerrero was rested and authorities say he was wearing a mask during killing. on august 13th, security cameras showed three men in the lundy avenue office building confronting 38-year-old christopher ren who was later found dead. the two other suspects were later shot and kill by police in separate incidents 24 hours apart. so far no comment from police on why renn was killed, but they say drugs were recovered during the investigation. a man who rescued a little girl after hurricane katrina devastated parts of louisiana and mississippi will be
8:42 am
reunited. that is that iconic picture from ten years ago. the hashtag #findkatrinagirl was started to help pararescue jumper mike maroney find the child. her name is la'shay brown. she was three years old in the photo. she is 13 now and lives in mississippi. maroney found her with the help of another teen that runs a instagram page. they are excited to be seeing each other again. >> wow. another heartbreaking image, unfortunately, making rounds on social media now and it's triggering calls for something to be done about the thousands of refugees risking their lives to escape sierra. pam cook will have more on the refugee crisis in europe. are e-cigarettes bad for you? the last test that led to legal action against the makers of e cigarettes. we are looking at a commute where if you are driving to mar
8:43 am
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8:45. new this morning the french government now officially confirming that a part of an airplane discovered in the indian ocean came from missing malaysia airlines flight 370. a french prosecutor announced that technical analysis of the debris sound the serial number that matches the wing part of that jet which disappeared in march of 2014. scientists suggest the search for the aircraft should be adjusted. a disturbing image that's made its way around the world and driving interest in what has been a heartbreaking situation. >> pam, it's making its ways to the shores of europe? >> reporter: yeah, images of thousands of people fleeing syria and the meet. these pictures have not received the level of attention that one image of one little boy is attracting. he drowned while trying escape
8:47 am
from syria. there are even more graphic images out there, but the one we're showing you is also very upsetting. the photo shows a turkish police officer carrying the body of a three-year-old syrian boy who drowned while trying to reach greece. he is one of 12 syrians who drowned and washed up on the beach of a turkish resort town. that has renewed attention to the situation of the refugee crisis, and calls to create a plan to help them. now, in hungary a chaotic situation continues. thousands of people camped out at a train station in budapest. they have been there for days trying to get on trains headed to germany. and yesterday all the trains were canceled to keep them from boarding. overnight a train pulled in. people fought to get on board. it turned out that train only took them to a nearby refugee camp that many of them had left earlier this week. >> i think what makes me want to travel and risk everything is to reach a better life and a life level that is better than what
8:48 am
i am living now. >> hundreds of children here. it's a really horrible situation for these people who have already fled so much, you know, fled war and fled conflict. they don't deserve this. >> reporter: now, today hungary's prime minister is meeting with other european leaders to come up with a unified approach to this crisis. german chancer angela merkel is calling to quotas to spread out the refugee among the european union's 28 countries. germany estimates 800,000 people will come to their country seeking asylum. that's four times as many as last year am the european leaders meeting right now to try to discuss how to handle this emergency situation that certainly has a lot of political aspects as well. >> right. you hear so many stories of individuals being so open and welcoming, giving food, clothing, shelter on a person-to-person basis. when you look at the government aspect of it, it's a huge, huge problem? >> yeah. hopefully, they come up with
8:49 am
answers as the european leaders meet to try to help some of these people. >> desperate situation for them. thank you. time is 8:48. we have got to go back to school. breaking news about this story from pacheco? >> we have new details about the crash that happened. i am going to put it on the map so you know where it happened, although the scene is largely cleared. ktvu is speaking to witnesses who say that car hit a mother and they say it was three children and the injuries were rather severe. and this is just really sad news because the children were reported to be small and they were flown to a hospital. but it just didn't look good. and it's just really heartbreaking news. we are trying to find out what hospital they went to and more about the driver. but it's really a sad situation. we are going to find out more and have it more for you in our later newscasts. this is what is happening. witnesses say it was not two, but three children and a mother hit by a car. 2nd avenue in pacheco. all right.
8:50 am
let's the move along and take a look at the live pictures here for you. the bay bridge is backed up from the macarthur maze. the metering lights are on. taking about 25 minutes to get into the city. we are also looking at slow traffic in the south bay. look at downtown san jose. both directions very slow. one o 0-1 is -- 101 a mess to men he low park because of an earlier accident and 85 super slow. everywhere this is one of the busiest traffic days of the year, really, steve. >> i can see it's already happening. thank you, sir. mostly clear. a fall-like day. upper 70s on the high side. we did have some 40s for lows this morning and i want to give a heads up if you are heading to the mountains, shasta, tahoe, truckee, northeast california a system drops in on friday and that will give fall-like conditions. we will rebound sunday, monday. the breeze is in place. some of the lows, i think 30s
8:51 am
saturday morning. 40 against tomorrow. leggett 44. east hillsberg was 45. scots valley, santa cruz mountains 48 and winds are 49. of course, if i mentioned leggett, jacqueline writes me on twitter and says, the temp 44 in leggett? what is it in piercy? well, to be honest with you, i don't know. nobody reports to me from piercy, which is what, nine, ten miles, north-northwest of leggett? around 800 feet. i am sure it's probably pretty close. 60s on your temps. 50s for santa rosa. west-southwest 15. mount diablo and the altamont pass, both reporting gusts to 39 at this hour out of the west-southwest. it's a westerly direction for most. the system yesterday where it was more of a dry system, but this one has more punch. as it moves into northern california, it's going to really crank up the cooler conditions. some cloud cover in northern california. shasta, north i would say of redding, and over towards northeast california and maybe
8:52 am
tahoe, truckee as well. keep that in mind. 60s, 70s, low, low 80s. in fact, i think tomorrow all 70s. some of the lows inland did not get below 60. the breeze held it up. they will, i think, on friday saturday. the cooler patterns here. coast and bay are held in check by the warm ocean and bay temps. very cool saturday morning. then warmer sunday, monday. >> you call those nights three dog nights earlier on. >> or three cat nights support from leaders is that because you snug up with three dogs? >> that is correct. yes. get the dogs on the bed because it's cold. >> or a blanket? >> or a blanket. >> thank you, steve. >> football weather. >> it is. >> it will feel like it. the college football season kicks off today. it begins with form early 49ers head coach jim har bow's return to the team he used to play for. harbaugh, you remember those tam familiar khaki pants? they will play the utah utes tonight in salt lake city. tcu will play minnesota. and the reigning national
8:53 am
champion ohio state, they will play virginia tech on monday. the buckeyes are ranked number one. they are considered the favorite to win another championship. a new study warns that e-cigarette users may be exposed to cancer-causing chemicals. research by the oakland bay center for environmental health finds a majority of the 97 e-cigarette products it tested had high levels of cancer causing chemicals such as formaldehyde. several products this levels 100 times higher than what's considered save. the center for environmental health plans to take action. time is 8:53. on a lighter note, you don't know this, but gasia a great dancer i. can't dance. >> what's the best part of dancing? the d.j. >> true. >> are you ready? [music] >> coming up, a new announcement that has our favorite d.j.
8:54 am
sal, rejoicing:
8:55 am
8:56 am
8:55. new this morning. ravenous. looks like san francisco giants pitcher tim lincecum is out for the rest of the season. the team's gm made the announcement during an interview on knbr radio. he went out on the disabled list by a degenerative condition in his hip. now it likes he is out for the entire rest of the season. >> that's a heartbreaker. >> very rough. you are all over traffic here in the bay area, we know. but people may not know that sal is quite a d.j., too. >> have a seat, steve. >> i am going to sit down. >> i was answering a question from a guy. >> that's okay.
8:57 am
>> d.j.s like me can rejoice. panasonic techniques turntables are making a comeback. that's good. > [music] . >> cops rocket. scratching. so these turntables were iconic. techniques topped making them. the new analogue turntable they will make again is a direct drive motor. technologies improves the quality of the sound. they first debuted in 1972. last one produced in 2010. the new models april of next year and -- >> i still remember the video. >> and i have them. i have them. >> well, very quickly, traffic. yes. bay bridge is backed up for 25-minute delay. we are also looking at san francisco, which is okay. but in the south bay, 237 is slow going in and it's going to be slow going out.
8:58 am
steve. sunny, breezy, cooler, 70s. >> all right. thanks so much for joining us on mornings on 7. we will see you back here at noon. check us out on and our mobile app. rock it.
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